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Amber Caldera Therapy Welcomes You

Healing trauma through brain science, attachment theory and body based modalities.

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My name is Amber, and you belong here.

Clients I work with often share these kinds of feelings with me: 

"I often feel judged and not listened to by past therapists and providers and don’t know if I can be open because of it.


I identify with being a People-Pleaser and often put others' needs before my own. I have trouble making decisions, setting boundaries, or knowing what I like.


I have always felt like I am either not enough or too much for people.


I have experienced trauma in my life, and it has become hard to trust myself and others.


I feel like I’ve been misdiagnosed and that there is something else going on, but nobody listens to me and my thoughts.


I have recently discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person and I want to build on more ways to protect my energy and boundaries so I can feel less overstimulated.


I feel like I should be over things that happened, but my body keeps responding as if it is still happening and these things in my past still affect me.


I’m wanting a kind of therapy that involves more than just talk, sometimes I don’t have the words for what I’m really feeling.


There’s a lot of thoughts in my head that I’m scared to share with other people because of how they might respond or think about me."

I offer a safe space free of judgment, where I help empower you to evict the thoughts that live rent free in your head. 

A Safe Space for You

I love supporting people who have felt othered or outcast, processing what they are going through and what they have gone through in a non-judgmental space.


I bring an open, empathetic, caring, and compassionate approach to our work and value your insight and expertise in your own life experiences.


I support you to be yourself fully in sessions and meet you where you are at. You deserve to have your feelings no matter how big or small, and I am here to hold that space for you.


In our time together you can move toward feeling relief from trauma while being more grounded and trusting of yourself.


We create a validating space that honors all of you while I guide you in healing from the experiences that are impacting you.


We build creative tools together that can help you strengthen your relationship with your intuition, sense of self, and those around you.

And lastly, I bring humor into sessions because therapy is hard work and we all deserve to laugh!

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