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Clinical Supervision
for Social Workers, Counselors & Therapists in Oregon, over telehealth

*Working towards becoming a supervisor in WA

I am an approved Clinical Supervisor for CSWAs, professional counselor associates, and marriage and family therapist associates in the state of Oregon. I can help you fulfill your board requirements while gaining the knowledge and diverse skills needed for practice. I am a trauma therapist, somatic therapist, and neurodivergent advocate. I supervise those who have a deep longing to practice social work that is trauma informed, anti-racist, queer/trans-affirming, neurodivergent affirming, fat/body positive, anti-ableist, anti-oppressive, magical and liberatory. I work with people in community mental health, private practice, group practice, clinics, residential, and schools. 

Good and effective supervision should be reflective, supportive, attentive, educational, insightful, and collaborative. It's important that you find the right fit for your needs, goals, and values, Not all supervisors will be a good fit. As your supervisor, I am deeply committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental space that will help you thrive and grow.

Supervisees I Work With

I work best with supervisees who:

  • Are curious, open to learning, self-aware, and empathetic.

  • Value honesty, authenticity, compassion, directness, and humor.

  • Work with individuals, and teens.

  • Want to further learn and specialize in:

    • Trauma informed care​

    • Trauma specific therapy and healing

    • Somatic therapy

    • EMDR

    • Depression

    • Suicide/self-harm

    • Relationship and attachment issues/therapy

    • Anxiety

    • Multicultural therapy

    • LGBTQIA+ therapy and gender affirming care

    • Neurodivergent folks

    • Working with teens and understanding minor's rights

    • and more!

  • Want to open, build, and sustain a private practice and are interested in learning the business aspects of being a therapist.

  • Are working in nonprofit/community mental health and want to cultivate and refine their clinical skills.

Supervision With Me Will Look Like

  • Learning about relational neuroscience and creating more safety within yourself, your clients, and the room.

  • Encourage curiosity in your practice that will transform how you look at clients as part of a whole system.

  • Learn and apply principles of harm reduction, risk assessments, and understand practicing ethical and legal responsibilities.

  • find and strengthen your clinical voice while compassionately meeting and tending to the parts of you the feel like an imposter. 

  • Affirm and validate you and your many strengths, stories, identities, and beliefs.

  • Learning to ask for what you need, want to learn, and how you want to grow.

  • Learn to honor your own boundaries and limits.

  • Provide me feedback when things aren't working for you.

  • To make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and to be yourself fully. Trust takes time to build and we will not rush that process.

  • Consultation Call 15 Minutes

    • For you to ask me questions and see if it feels like a good fit

    • $0

  • Individual Supervision

    • Unlicensed clinicians in private practice/group practice/community mental health: $150/hr **

    • Licensed clinicians in private practice: $160/hr

    • **Please note there are decreased individual supervision fees for BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ folx paying out of pocket, and community mental health unlicensed clinicians paying out of pocket.

  • Group Supervision

    • Unlicensed clinicians in community mental health/private practice/group practice, and all clinicians in community mental health: $50/hr (group lasts two hours)

  • What's the cost of supervision?

    • Supervision is a financial investment. I strive to make is worth every penny, and I work with clinicians, interns, and supervisees who approach it that way too. I strongly believe in the value and necessity of good, quality, intentional supervision, and I partner with social workers, therapists, and counselors who are deeply committed to their post-graduate clinical development.

    • Pricing for Black, indigenous, people of color, immigrants and refugees available at a reduced rate.  Please contact me for more information.


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