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Psilocybin Information and Pricing


I am a partner facilitator at Fractal Soul PDX, a service center located in Beaverton (just West of Portland). Here is a downloadable guide to Fractal Soul.


Integral Package: $1800

Preparation (1-2 hours), 1 Psilocybin Journey (full day), Integration Session (1-2 hours), option to add more integration sessions. *Add a second full psilocybin journey (full day) within 30 days for only $1400. It includes a light prep session. *


Journey Plus Package: 3 session series- $4000 (save $1400 compared to purchasing 3 of the Integral Packages)

Preparation (at least 2 hours), 3 Psilocybin Journeys (3 full days, with 4-6 weeks in between journeys), 3 integration sessions (1 hour each). 


Packages Include:

Packages include full day access, private reserved room, and access to complementary amenities. Room rental includes access to the integration lounge afterward for up to 1 hour and 1 hour beforehand.


*Rates do not include the cost of the psilocybin, which is determined by and purchased directly from the service center.

*Rates are subject to change.

My fees can vary depending on location, and your monetary resources, with an average total price of $2,400 including preparation, dosing, mushrooms, integration, and service center room rental. I am happy to discuss ways to make PAT more affordable, and have a social equity plan that allows me to offer a handful of low-fee sessions per year. I offer various packages and services below. These are based on an average therapeutic dose lasting approximately 6 hours. If you have a special need or circumstance, we can discuss how to tailor a program for you!

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